AtmosAir Matterhorn 1002


The Matterhorn 1000 ionization system is a central home unit for a supply duct or air handler of a heating, cooling, or ventilating system.  The Matterhorn 1000 only operates when air is flowing. Ideal for homes or offices ranging from 800-3,000 sq. ft, the Matterhorn 1000’s active ionization technology  produces atoms that attach to and deactivate mold, bacteria, viruses, and germs in the air and on surfaces.   

This patented technology is the most proven and effective solution to reduce inhalable particle matter (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and pathogens to create healthy indoor environments.  

Product Features:
– Installation into ducted HVAC system
– Designed to be placed in 800-3,000 sq. ft of space/professional installation required
– Operates while air is flowing
– Adjustable ionization with a 5-step knob
– Made in the USA
– Optional Accessories: Air Pressure Switch, Mounting Bracket, Timer, Remote Monitoring system
– View the the specification sheet for dimensions 


Product Specifications

ATMOSAIR Matterhorn 1002
(In-Duct Unit for Central HVAC Systems)

Capacity2500 to 5000 sq.ft.
Voltage110 / 220 V
Watts5 W
Ionization TubesM1000:C/D/E/F
M1002: C/D/E
ApplicationsIn-duct Unit for Central HVAC Systems. Ionization can be adjusted with a 5-step knob.
Contaminants treated

Mold spores
Viruses & bacteria
Offensive odors (trash, pets, mildew, paint)
Common gas emanation coming from home materials and chemicals.

AllergyAsthma and allergy sufferers experience tremendous relief by breathing clean, contaminant-free air.


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