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JIT Concierge Launches Secure Neighborhood Locker Bay Concept

JIT provides a safe way to deliver/receive items from Facebook (marketplace), Amazon, Etsy and more by secure 24-hour smart lockers.

Ronald Raymond and Jason Robinson pose with JIT Concierge’s first set of lockers, located 13 Northfield Ave. in West Orange.

WEST ORANGE, NJ – Ronald Raymond of West Orange, NJ, has always been a forward thinker – who was ahead of the curve. So, in the current environment of COVID-19 and unrest, it is with perfect timing that he is announcing the launch of JIT (Just In Time) Concierge. The company provides a safe, secure and convenient way to deliver and receive items from sites like Facebook (marketplace), Ebay, Etsy, letgo, OfferUp, Craigslist, Amazon, and more, using safe and secure 24-hour smart lockers.

These weather-proof, strong, versatile and sanitary lockers help users avoid hand-offs with strangers, eliminating the fear or danger and unsafe situations. The locker bays boast online cameras that keep users safe.

According to Jason Robinson, of Wayne, who became Ronald’s business partner, and the Chief Operations Officer at JIT Concierge, in February 2020, “Our customers are pleased with the “safety and security of JIT’s lockers” and “enjoy having the opportunity to safely drop off products to customers without having to meet them in person.”

Echoing Jason’s statement, Ronald says, “Our lockers provide users with the security and comfort of knowing that they can sell more products to people and not have to wait for them to show up in a parking lot for pick up.”

The lockers, which come in many sizes, are easy to use. The person selling an item or placing one in a locker for another to pick up, provides a one-time use code to the receiver, who uses it to enter a locker and remove their item. The seller knows when the item has been accessed. The lock is then reset after it is opened. Users have 24-hour access to their products, real-time reporting and documentation on pick-ups. They can be accessed via the website or app.
Instead of having deliveries come to one’s doorstep, where they could be stolen if no one is at home, “JIT’s well-lit and sanitary lockers provide a way for people to have their deliveries arrive safely and be kept safe until they wish to retrieve them,” says Jason, who has been part of the fabric of New Jersey entrepreneurship for more than a decade, and is the founder of businesses in NJ, Georgia and Washington State, including Bazaar Hut, a remodeling/construction company; Lucror Solutions, a software solutions company helping healthcare providers collect delinquent copays; and 8 to 8 Barber Shop.

“For anyone at all, who desires easy access with little to no contact, when making any sort of exchange, these lockers really do the job,” says Raymond. “In today’s environment, where it is essential to handle items as safely and hygienically as possible, spending as little time as possible in the vicinity of strangers and practicing social distancing, JIT Concierge’s lockers are a perfect solution. They offer a safe and effective environment for those wishing to exchange items with others via little to no contact. JIT’s lockers let those who are cleaning out their homes and either selling items in an online marketplace, or giving them away, to do the exchanges without directing anyone to their home or by meeting face to face. The lockers provide a safe and efficient way for salespeople, crafters, stores and more wishing to leave items for customers after hours, to do so.”

In fact, the genesis for JIT Concierge was born out of just this type of situation where Ronald was looking for a way to “decentralize delivery of parts and equipment to customers from his other business, RSE Energy Group, an energy conservation company offering new HVAC Installation, HVAC maintenance, energy efficiency systems, indoor air quality monitoring, residential and commercial HVAC, commercial refrigeration and related services for new construction. When he could not find a solution to meet his needs, JIT concierge was born.

“HVAC systems can break at any time,” says Ronald. “And, instead of having to wait until the morning to access parts for a customer’s system, these lockers allow me to temporarily store those parts most likely to be needed for a repair. For my contractor customers, I can store the parts in various lockers at various locations and simply give them a locker address for what they need, with a one-time access key to pick up the part(s).”

The goal for JIT Concierge is two-fold: 1) To introduce this concept to anyone in need of a safe place to make an exchange; and 2) To make businesses aware of the opportunity to place a locker bay at their location so as to provide items to customers after hours – or if they are residential property owners, to offer convenient access to safe lockers for residents.

Right now, JIT Concierge has launched with its first set of lockers located in West Orange, NJ at 13 Northfield Ave. JIT Concierge is currently looking for more locker partner locations in West Orange, Livingston, Millburn/Short Hills, South Orange, the Caldwells, East Hanover and more. The company encourages business and property owners to reach out if they are interested in placing lockers at their locations. These lockers offer business and property owners a financial opportunity that adds value for clients, customers and residents. They also provide them with another way to draw prospects to their locations. Those who chose to set up locker bays at their location have a choice in size, number, location and type of lockers including:

Outdoor Lockers: These well-lit, easy-to-access lockers are conveniently located in safe areas outside.

Indoor Lockers: These lockers are located out of the elements, so users do not have to stand in the rain to drop off or pick up their packages. They are conveniently located inside of local retailers to make transactions comfortable and easy.

Multiple Dwelling Lockers: There lockers are conveniently located so residents can come home to safe and secure packages that have not sat outside in the rain, or worse yet, disappeared.

“Our mission at J.I.T. Concierge is simple,” says Jason, a member of the Downtown West Orange Alliance Board of Trustees, and founder of Three Fifths Foundation, a non-profit foundation providing African American students opportunities to obtain careers in law and law enforcement,” it is to provide safe, secure and convenient locations to deposit and retrieve your items.”

For information on using lockers as a client or placing lockers at one’s location, please call 1-833-377-3674, visit www.jitconcierge.com or send an email to [email protected].

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