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With the unfortunate outbreak of the coronavirus, RSE Energy Group has been inundated with questions about how to maintain and contol various pathogen.  Our answer, AtmosAir technology and its effect on various pathogens.
Their patented Bi-Polar Ionization (BPI) technology has been tested and is proven to inactivate viruses as well as bacteria, mold spores and other microorganisms.

Watch and learn how AtmosAir works 

RSE Energy Group and AtmosAir helps to clean and purify your air systems

RSE Energy Group is your local source for clean, pure air. As a reseller of AtmosAir air purification technology, we are able to actively contribute to better health by restoring indoor air to its natural state without pollutions or contaminants while reducing energy use and emissions in the process.

AtmosAir™ is the most proven and effective solution to reduce inhalable particle matter, VOCs, and pathogens to create healthy indoor environments where people thrive

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