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A Home Investment Worth Considering

“Home is where the heart is.”

This has been a popular and often-repeated statement over the years as people have made the biggest and one of the most impactful purchases of their lives. Whether it’s a ranch-style, duplex, townhouse, cabin, or even a condo, a home is a place where memories are made and people can show their personalities.  Be it new construction or adaptive reuse, a home and its decor is a reflection of the owner.

The Home Improvement industry has seen a renewed focus since events like 9/11 and most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic have drastically affected consumers’ travel habits. Foregoing travel has inspired homeowners to invest in their homes more, adding features that can eliminate the need to travel.

Being at home more has also caused people to carefully consider their choices when replacing appliances or other essentials. They are now asking different questions, such as how they can reduce their home’s environmental footprint and costs to operate and maintain.

In light of this, a smart change to consider is replacing a home’s furnace and air conditioner with an electric heat pump that quietly heats and cools spaces at a lower cost. Heat pumps use resources such as water and air instead of fossil fuels, and are capable of both heating and cooling effectively year-round.  This is efficiency at its best! 

Homeowners can choose from three sources: air, water, or geothermal. The technology behind all of these is truly amazing and at times, complicated.  The right team of professionals can make installation and maintenance simple and smooth for customers, getting the job done quickly and smoothly. This upgrade is an investment that will be well worthwhile for many years to come!

We welcome you to reach out for more details.  RSE Energy Group is here to help!

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